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Do you know what is hurting your computer’s performance?

Published by Craig Petronella on

The Problem

With just regular use, your computer will slow down. Its diminished performance is the result of it storing a vast amount of information. Over time countless changes are made to a crucial part of your computer called the Windows Database or Registry. Alterations to it, which can be caused by installing and uninstalling programs, can make your PC become unstable, which leads to erratic performance. Just like your car, your computer needs to be maintained.

The Quick Solution to all these problems:

  • Slow Start Ups
  • Windows Crashes
  • Uninstall Errors
  • Reduced Performance
  • Annoying Error Messages
  • DLL Errors
  • Error Messages on Startup
  • Application Errors
  • Broken File Extensions
  • Invalid Application Paths
  • Problems with Help Files
  • Desktop Clutter
  • Fix these issues and much more!
  • Cleaning the registry is the easiest way to maintain your PC and Windows Registry. With you harnessing this sophisticated software through its easy-to-use interface, CCleaner will thoroughly search your PC for common errors that can lead to slowness, freezing and crashing. It will then safely correct these problems and help restore your computer’s speed and performance. This work can be done without worry as CCleaner features a Backup function that allows you to revert to a previous working state if something does go wrong. CCleaner helps you maintain and optimize your computer for the best performance possible.

    1. Grab your FREE copy of CCleaner from
    2. Download and install CCleaner
    3. Click Run Cleaner
    4. Click on Registry, Scan for Issues, and Fix selected issues, Backup your registry, Click fix all selected issues
    5. Close CCleaner

    If you still crave more performance out of your PC after performing the above steps, Call 919-422-2607 today to schedule a more thorough PC tune-up service, and reclaim all of your lost PC performance!

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