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Email Archiving

Published by Craig Petronella on

Get Unlimited storage, without the hardware expense!

Businesses that rely on email can easily generate thousands of new messages every day. Storing these messages in-house—and finding messages in the archive to meet business, regulatory, or legal needs—can be a huge drain on resources. Petronella SaaS Email Archiving is always up, instantly searchable, and doesn’t require the ongoing management and maintenance associated with tape backup and storage.


  • Store emails safely and automatically
    Back up every inbound, outbound, and internal email, reducing the size of your Exchange database and replacing cumbersome, unreliable tape backup with a flexible service.
  • Find messages quickly
    Locate a single stored email message—or thousands of messages—in seconds, using powerful, rapid search functionality. Use simple or advanced search criteria, including sender, recipient, date range, message content, and even attachment content, and view multiple saved searches.
  • Demonstrate compliance and fulfill e-discovery requests
    Respond to regulatory and legal requests for information without burdening IT, allowing individual users to search their own archived emails to retrieve important business data almost instantly.
  • Comply with document retention requirements
    Meet your industry requirements for archiving and storing email. Petronella SaaS Email Archiving supports industry retention and compliance regulations.
  • Help ensure business continuity
    Minimize business risk due to data loss or disaster by eliminating a single-point-of-failure and ensuring fast, full recovery.
  • Avoid capital expenditure
    Get the most sophisticated features at the most attractive price point. With Security-as-a-Service (SaaS), there’s no hardware or software to buy or maintain, and no long-term contract commitment.
  • Free IT from ongoing service management
    Get reliable, near-real-time archiving without the management burden. Secure company knowledge as it’s generated while shrinking your Microsoft Exchange databases.


  • Easiest-to-use archiving solution on the market
    Save time and money, and reduce risk through automation features that simplify archiving and ensure no email is lost. Powerful search features expedite finding specific messages for review, compliance, and e-discovery.
  • Transport and storage encryption
    Get tough security in transport and storage. Emails are securely transported to the SaaS Email Archiving service via TLS or SSL, and stored using 256-bit encryption.
  • Secure, tamperproof storage
    Eliminate email loss with dual commit message capture that ensures messages aren’t deleted from your server until accurate copies are made and verified. Integrated data security and insurance prevent message tampering and reduce legal liabilities.
  • Auditable message serialization
    Add a unique numeric identifier to each message to comply with SEC requirements prohibiting tampering or deleting messages.
  • Simple email archiving management
    Set up and maintain your email archiving solution with unparalleled ease. Reduce administration efforts with an intuitive, easy-to-use console, integration with Outlook 2003 and 2007, and common email configurations.
  • Unlimited, in-the-cloud storage
    Enjoy an in-the-cloud solution that scales appropriately to fit your needs, so you’ll never see declining performance as your email archive grows.
  • Flexible licensing
    Get flexible storage licensing options of one year or longer.
  • 24/7 customer support services
    Count on our highly trained support specialists for answers to your questions and help resolving any issue around the clock. As our customer, your needs are our top priority.
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