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Link Building

Published by Craig Petronella on

What’s the most important thing for site rank today?

Link Building is the most important thing you can do for site rank. It’s the process of getting quality websites to link to your website, in order to improve search engine rankings. Link building techniques can include buying links, reciprocal linking, or entering barter arrangements.

All links are NOT created equal! A site with 1000 low quality links from random places on the internet will not compete equally well with a site that has high quality links from laser targeted sites. Getting good quality links on a ongoing basis is a time consuming process.

Petronella Computer Consultants, Inc. can help you get the targeted links you need, on a recuring basis, to ensure your site climbs to the top of the search engines. An ongoing effort is needed to keep climbing, in combination with other seo marketing techniques. Call us today at 919-422-2607 to get a free consultation on how we can implement link building into your SEO campaign!

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