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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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As innovative computing solutions focused on businesses are constantly being introduced into the marketplace, companies are increasingly relying on technology to manage their internal processes and ensure efficiency. But what happens when a disaster occurs? Are companies prepared to continue operating after a catastrophic event? Prepared or not, failure to have an adequate contingency plan can severely impact businesses, possibly even threatening their survival. 

Data backup and disaster recovery plan can help organizations prepare for the worst possible scenarios and prevent data casualties from jeopardizing their regular operations. Putting together a team of experts in charge of identifying the critical data of a company along with the most important departments is the first step towards developing a successful data backup and disaster recovery plan.

Making sure that your data is stored off-site and safely, scheduling complete data backups on a regular basis, and compressing and encrypting information are some of the proactive measures a disaster recovery team should put in place. The disaster recovery team, meanwhile, should identify the main functions of a business, by department. Procedures specifying how these functions would be performed without the use of technology should also be implemented.

Testing a recovery plan is the ultimate way to find out if a business could successfully resume operations after disaster strikes. For further information on data backup and disaster recovery plans, contact Petronella Computer Consultants.  With our help, we’ll ensure your business processes are never interrupted!

Published with permission from Technology Times. Source.Source.