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How Using Multiple Monitors Increases Productivity

Published by steve on

You may think that your computer helps you efficiently carry out everyday tasks at work, but did you know there’s a way you can be even more productive at your current workstation? Simply add another monitor and you’ll be working faster!

Yes—working with two or more monitors can help you increase your productivity at work. Why? With more screen real estate, it may mean fewer trips to the printer (for those old school-types who print everything) and not having to use the ALT-Tab keys to change between applications so frequently. Not convinced yet?

Working with dual monitors, it’s considered to increase employee productivity by at least 10 percent. However, not everyone perceives the real benefit of this technique. Employees are often reluctant to embrace the use of two monitors since they believe they’ll lose desk space and because the idea of change may be scary.

Think of the possibilities of having your email account on one monitor and your most used applications on another. Of course, in order to support multiple monitors, some older workstations may require additional hardware or components to handle the dual monitors.

If you’re looking to increase the productivity of your team, consider adding a second monitor to your employees’ computers. Besides helping them work more efficiently, it can impact the amount of paper used, helping your business go green.

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Published with permission from Technology Times. Source.Source.