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Change your Google account’s password

Published by Craig Petronella on

GoogleApps_April30_AThe security of your network and systems is something that’s likely in the back of your mind at all times. You read the news about various websites and networks being hacked, passwords being leaked, etc. and probably wonder if your accounts are secure. It’s a good idea to take steps to ensure your accounts are protected, the first being to regularly change your password.

Here’s how you can change the password for your Google account.

How passwords work with Google
As you probably know, Google offers a wide variety of services and chances are high that if you have a Google account, you use more than one service. You’ll also know that you only have to log in once to get access to almost any Google app.

This is because Google uses Single Sign-on (SSO), which is an access property that allows a user to enter a password once and gain access to all related services. This is meant to make the ‘Google experience’ seamless and more efficient.

While this is useful, it can also be a bit of a security issue. If someone was to get a hold of your Google password, they will have access to everything on your Google account. It would, therefore, be a good idea to change your password on a regular basis – at least every three months. Luckily, Google has made it easy to change it, and offers two main ways to do so:

Change your password from Gmail
You can change your password from Gmail by:

  1. Logging into Gmail and pressing the cog on the right-hand side of the window (Below the black bar)
  2. Selecting Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Clicking on Accounts which will be on the horizontal menu bar in the window that opens.
  4. Clicking Google Account Settings followed by Security from the menu bar that opens.
  5. Selecting Change password and entering your current along with your new password.
  6. Pressing Change password.

Change your password from the Accounts tab
You can also easily change your password by:

  1. Going to
  2. Logging into your Google account.
  3. Clicking on Security from the left-hand menu bar.
  4. Selecting Change your password and entering your current along with your new password.
  5. Pressing Change password.

When changing your password, it is best to pick a new password, don’t simply add on a character, letter or number to an existing password. If you would like to learn more about the security of your online accounts and how we can help, contact us today.

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