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Are you getting the attention you need from your IT Partner?

Published by steve on

HealtcareIT_June04_AAn electronic medical record (EMR) pr practice management system is only the first step in bringing your practice into the modern era; you must also use the systems appropriately.

When it comes to software, functionality is important to health-providers—but if you’re hung up on software functionality, you may not be taking care of what drives the software.

So, in many cases, you’ll need to review and adjust the processes used in your practice—but how? If you’re not familiar with practice management strategies, you may not know where to start.

A good IT firm or software provider will help by offering personalized attention. Look for a team of highly trained professionals who understand the intricacies of scheduling, coding, billing, and reporting. Ideally, this team should take the time to get to know your practice well by studying your scheduling and billing patterns, the way you engage patients, and the other ways you work.

While it may take more time up front, this methodology will allow your partner to develop insight, which will in turn let it provide guidance to help you do more with less—something that’s essential in today’s world of increased competition and decreased revenues.

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