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Two Free Hours of Service

Receive Your 2 FREE Hours of Computer Support!

Fed Up With Computer Problems?

Our 2 FREE Hours Will Help You Through Your Next Dilemma!

Because we know we provide the best computing and networking service and support for small businesses with 5 or more computers in the Raleigh, Durham, and Triangle of North Carolina area, we’re offering you 2 FREE HOURS of computer support* to try us out.

In fact, you don’t have to wait until a problem comes up.

We can check to ensure your computers, networks, Wi-Fi and other IT systems are operating efficiently, data is being backed up and stored safely, and have the latest protections against hackers, viruses, etc.

Wondering how to plan your company’s growth using technology and how best to budget, acquire and install the right equipment? Use the 2 FREE HOURS of service toward our consulting services.

Most importantly, this is your opportunity to get to know us in a non-pressured environment (a.k.a. no emergency situations, hard sales pitches or scare tactics!). It’s also our chance to discover how best to serve you.

Don’t delay as this offer may be cancelled anytime without notice.

* This “2 FREE Hours of Service” offer is valid only for companies and organizations with 5 or more computers and located within our primary service areas throughout the Raleigh area within 50 miles. Areas may be extended at our discretion. This special offer may be cancelled at anytime without notice.

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