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Backup and Disaster Recovery

ApexBDR Backup & Disaster Recovery Server

With the ApexBDR backup system, a mirror image of everything on your server is captured resulting in very rapid restoration of individual files or even the entire server as the backup server will assume the role and become your production server. This means that if your server were to completely fail, the backup server then fails over and becomes your server and runs your business seamlessly, keeping your business running while the faulty server is repaired. No other backup system offers this level of protection and uptime.

– Block Level Incremental Backups
– Instant Virtualization of Failed Servers
– Bare Metal Recovery to Dissimilar Hardware
– Off-site Data Replication to Two Collocation Facilities
– Message Level Exchange Recovery
– Standby Server


– Runs directly from ApexBDR
– Virtualize a server in less than 30 minutes
– Hardware independent
– Shorten the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – The RTO specifies the maximum amount of time allowed for a recovery. For example, if your service level agreement (SLA) promises that your operations will be restored within 4 hours of a disaster, you have a four-hour RTO.

– Select a point-in-time snapshot just before the failure
– Virtual server retains the same network settings – no need to change ip addresses!
– Backups continue to occur during virtualization
– Ability to virtualize directly from backups
– Perform real or test virtualizations
– Perform a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) back to your production server

Call 919-899-9948 to reserve your ApexBDR system now. Be proactive and prepared when disaster strikes!

Example of how it works:

– Server Virtualization
– Identify server to be virtualized
– Specify RAM amount to be allocated
– Select virtualization mode
– Select backup file
– Run Migration Wizard
– Boot virtual machine

With ApexBDR’s Instant Virtualization capability, in less than 30 minutes, the NAS device can be configured to function as a Standby server. This eliminates costly downtime due to server hardware failures. ApexBDR virtualizes servers directly from the backup image so there is no need to convert backup images to virtual hard disks. Once the server is virtualized it retains all of the system settings and application state so it is completely transparent to your end clients. The backups continue to occur after a server is virtualized so when it comes time to restore back to physical hardware you have the latest changes to your data.

Disaster Recovery Testing

ApexBDR’s virtualization allows disaster recovery testing by verifying your backup images. There are 3 modes, Real, Test, and Test with Networking. Use the testing modes to verify your images, use Real Mode in the event of a disaster. Your system can be restored in minutes, not days. This provides built-in redundancy and allows shorter RTO’s (recovery time objectives).

Backup & Recovery


– 15 minute snapshots
– 256-bit AES encryption
– Microsoft Windows server support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems
– Disk based backups
– File and folder restores
– System restores
– Recover using drag & drop functionality
– Exchange message level recovery
– Database & application level recovery
– Microsoft Virtual Shadow Copy Service (VSS) aware
– Sync to external hard drive options
– Multiple restore points locally & offsite

Example of how it works:

– Backup & Recovery
– Select server volumes for backup
– Set the backup schedule
– Install the ApexBDR backup agents
– Execute the backup jobs
– View reports on the ApexBDR web-based portal

What would a BDR solution be without solid backups? ApexBDR’s disk-based NAS allows for quick and easy point-in-time snapshots, which take just minutes and won’t impact your environment. Only the changes to your data are backed up. Restoration is just as easy, mount your backup file as a drive on the NAS and copy what you need locally or to the network. After the initial base backup, all future backups are incrementals. The ApexBDR solution backups are not by files, but by the block level. This is below the file and folder level, and is more efficient. An incremental chain is created and only the changes are backed up, reducing backup windows.

Call 919-899-9948 to reserve your ApexBDR system now. Be proactive and prepared when disaster strikes!

Application Recovery

Backup and restore SQL, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) databases without additional agents. Just connect to one of your point-in-time snapshots, find your database and transaction log files, and restore using drag and drop functionality. ApexBDR’s solution also allows for easy document recovery of Sharepoint files through the file explorer.

Mailbox & Message Level Recovery

Email has become the lifeblood of the business world. With the ApexBDR, perform mailbox & message restorations faster than ever. You can keep messages flowing throughout your company. With short recovery times and frequent recovery points, setbacks are fewer and employees are able to stay connected and productive, whether you’re facing the failure of an Exchange server or just a mistakenly deleted email.

Exchange Migration

Perform Exchange Server migrations with the Exchange Recovery Tools by restoring all of your Exchange Mailboxes to the new Mail server without ever bringing the old mail server online. Accomplish all this without time intensive backups. The ApexBDR can extract this information directly from the Exchange Message Store.

Bare Metal Restore


– Virtual to physical (V2P) restores
– Virtual to virtual (V2V) restores
– Restore to dissimilar hardware
– Integrated driver support
– Multiple partition restore
– Windows domain controller support

Example of how it works:

– Restore to dissimilar hardware
– Boot to the Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) environment
– Map a drive to the ApexBDR
– Install the necessary drivers
– Restore from backup image

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) gives you the ability to restore to a virtual server or dissimilar hardware configuration for ease of recovery after a disaster; e.g. hardware failure. This gives you flexibility for restorations and doesn’t require the cost and effort of keeping a standby server ready at all times.

Call 919-899-9948 to reserve your ApexBDR system now. Be proactive and prepared when disaster strikes!


Recovery Process

ApexBDR’s recovery process is quite simple. When it is time to restore your virtualized server on the NAS device back to physical hardware a boot cd is inserted into the new physical hardware. The new server maps to the NAS device and begins to pull the latest backup image. Once the image is copied to the server ApexBDR manipulates the hardware abstraction layer and inserts the necessary device drivers for the new hardware. Once the server is completely restored backups continue to take place on their scheduled interval.
Replication Options

ApexBDR also provides features to synchronize your backups to a local or network destination. This copies your entire backup chain to a redundant location for archiving and disaster recovery. Synchronizations can be scheduled or run on demand. Petronella Computer Consultants Network Engineers receive alerts on failure, retrieve images and restore back to the ApexBDR if needed from archive.

Offsite Storage

Offsite Replication:


– Transfer the base image and incrementals via external hard drive
– Incremental file transfer over the wire to our redundant co-location datacenter
– 256-bit AES encrypted tunnel
– Scheduling options
– Packet level verification
– Bandwidth configuration
– Transfer analyzer
– Backups are replicated once per day to off-site co-location datacenter
– Error notification
– Reporting

Example of how it works:

– Offsite Transfer
– Schedule offsite transfer
– Configure transfer options
– Backups transfer daily to co-location datacenter
– Check transfer status via off-site transfer analyzer
– View offsite backups on the web-based portal

ApexBDR also offers offsite storage that provides the option of synchronizing your backups offsite to our secure co-location facilities, all through an industry standard 256-bit encrypted tunnel. Be secure in the knowledge your backups have not been compromised during transfer. If your site is destroyed, you’re protected. We will ship you a replacement ApexBDR next day air. Virtualize your servers on it until replacement hardware arrives.

Call 919-899-9948 to reserve your ApexBDR system now. Be proactive and prepared when disaster strikes!

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